Multiple vulnerabilities in Hitachi Tuning Manager and JP1/Performance Management


Hitachi Tuning Manager, JP1/Performance Management - Web Console, and JP1/Performance Management - Manager Web Option contain Cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities.

These vulnerabilities can not be exploited, unless logging in these products.
CVSS Severity (What is CVSS?)

CVSS V2 Severity:
Base Metrics 9.0 (High) [IPA Score]
  • Access Vector: Network
  • Access Complexity: Low
  • Authentication: Single Instance
  • Confidentiality Impact: Complete
  • Integrity Impact: Complete
  • Availability Impact: Complete
Affected Products

Hitachi, Ltd
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager (Japanese version)
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager (English version)
  • Job Management Partner 1/Performance Management - Web Console (English version)
  • JP1/Performance Management - Manager Web Option (Japanese version)
  • JP1/Performance Management - Web Console (Japanese version)


A remote attacker can insert to malicious scripts during display of the web page by logging in as a user of that products.

Please refer to the 'Vendor Information' section for the official countermeasure and take appropriate action.
Vendor Information

Hitachi, Ltd
  • Hitachi Software Vulnerability Information : HS13-003
CWE (What is CWE?)

  1. Cross-Site Request Forgery(CWE-352) [IPA Evaluation]
  2. Cross-site Scripting(CWE-79) [IPA Evaluation]
CVE (What is CVE?)


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