Use-after-free vulnerability in multiple products that use International Components for Unicode (ICU)


Multiple products that use International Components for Unicode (ICU) contain a use-after-free vulnerability.

International Components for Unicode (ICU) is a library for handling Unicode strings. A C version, ICU4C and a Java version, ICU4J are available. Multiple products that use ICU4C contain a use-after-free vulnerability.

ICU released ICU4C version 52.1 that addresses this vulnerability on October 9, 2013.
CVSS Severity (What is CVSS?)

CVSS V2 Severity:
Base Metrics 7.5 (High) [NVD Score]
  • Access Vector: Network
  • Access Complexity: Low
  • Authentication: None
  • Confidentiality Impact: Partial
  • Integrity Impact: Partial
  • Availability Impact: Partial
Affected Products

Products that use International Components for Unicode (ICU) may be vulnerable.

For more information on vulnerable products, please refer to the "Vendor Status" section.

(Multiple Venders)
  • (Multiple Products)


Impacts may vary depending on the product. In some cases, a remote attacker may cause a denial-of-service (DoS).

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Update to the latest version according to the information provided by the developer.
Vendor Information

Debian Google ICU project Cybozu, Inc. NEC Corporation
  • NEC Security Information : NV15-013 (in Japanese)
CWE (What is CWE?)

  1. Resource Management Errors(CWE-399) [NVD Evaluation]
CVE (What is CVE?)

  1. CVE-2013-2924

  1. JVN : JVN#85336306
  2. National Vulnerability Database (NVD) : CVE-2013-2924
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