Movable Type access restriction bypass vulnerability


Movable Type contains an access restriction bypass vulnerability.

Movable Type, a web log system from Six Apart KK, contains a vulnerability that allows a remote attacker to bypass access restrictions.

This vulnerability is different from JVN#08369659.
CVSS Severity (What is CVSS?)

Base Metrics: 5.5 (Medium) [IPA Score]
  • Access Vector: Network
  • Access Complexity: Low
  • Authentication: Single Instance
  • Confidentiality Impact: Partial
  • Integrity Impact: Partial
  • Availability Impact: None

Affected Products

Six Apart, Ltd.
  • Movable Type 4.261 (Open Source) and earlier
  • Movable Type 4.261 (includes Professional and Community Packs) and earlier
  • Movable Type 5.0 (Open Source)
  • Movable Type 5.0 (includes Professional and Community Packs)
  • Movable Type Commercial 4.261 (includes Professional Pack) and earlier
  • Movable Type Enterprise 4.261 and earlier


A remote attacker may view or modify information stored by Movable Type.

[Update the Software]
Update to the latest version according to the information provided by the developer.
Vendor Information

Six Apart, Ltd.
CWE (What is CWE?)

  1. Permissions(CWE-264) [IPA Evaluation]
CVE (What is CVE?)


  1. JVN : JVN#09872874
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